David Massey BA (Hons) PGCE MSET QTLS

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Testimonials / References

This page lists testimonials and references from a variety of sources, colleagues I have worked with as well as comments from learners.

“David is an incredible teacher with a vast array of knowledge. I was fortunate enough to have been taught the CertNexus CyberSAFE course by him. His explanations of IT and cyber concepts are precise and detailed in way that is both understandable and engaging. He also is able to relate these topics in the course we’re studying with real life examples or anecdotes from his experience which is invaluable. Thanks David!” LinkedIn Recommendation from Training Programme Learner – December 2022

“Thank you for your comprehensive webfolio application for QTLS. You have provided extensive evidence in both the standardised and personalised elements which supported your application and demonstrated excellent professional practice. You displayed a real interest in your subject area and your drive for improvement in support of your learners is clear within your application. You have attached a range of materials which provided evidence of your practitioner skills. Your use of a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis was an excellent method for exploring development needs in relation to professional development planning. It was gratifying to note your structured plan designed to support your professional updating. You have shown that you have embraced the key concepts of reflection and evaluation, and allowed those concepts to inform your practice.” Extract from Institute for Learning (IfL) QTLS Review – April 2012

“I worked with David supporting the delivery of the ECDL programme at Brake Farm where he was the programme coordinator and found him to be extremely likeable, competent and focused on the development and achievement of his learners. It was immediately apparent from visiting the centre during an ECDL session David was delivering that he was a great tutor building up fantastic rapport with colleagues and customers alike and the success of the programme under his efforts was outstanding. I would have no hesitation in recommending David as a tutor and look forward to working with him again in the future.” LinkedIn Recommendation from ThirdForce Courseware and Testing Provider Account Manager – February 2012

“David Massey has been working closely with the staff involved from Pipex since November of 2010 in his role as tutor and advisor on the training involved in the E.C.D.L computer literacy courses. David has made a great impression on all members of staff with his dedication and attention to detail he is always available when help or advice is required and has been invaluable to the students involved, it has been a pleasure to work alongside David and in no small measure his endeavours have resulted in many of the students achieving their targets. We have found David’s flexibility and problem solving to have been a great help during our time working together and would have no problem recommending him for any future or similar positions.” Quality Control Inspector, Works Director and Operations Manager – August 2011

“David has proved himself to be an excellent tutor at Brake Farm Resource Centre. He has increased pass rates resulting to an increase in funding available to the Centre. David benefits from his innovations in strategy, these have led to higher numbers of students and repeat customers.” LinkedIn Recommendation from Colleague – July 2011

“I first met David in 2005 when I visited him in his capacity BCS Test Centre Manager at BFAWU Learning Services / British Bakeries, Plymouth. He set up the original Centre and this expanded over the year to include several nationwide satellite sites. David expertly managed the implementation of BCS qualifications, most notably ECDL and devised some excellent supporting administrative systems. His attention to detail was meticulous and this was reflected in his high standard of marking. Over the years and up until November 2010, he was able to maintain his standards with the resultant Grade As for his audit reports. I understand he has now moved on to pastures and taken his skills with him – all best wishes for your continuing success David.” LinkedIn Recommendation from Auditor / External Verifier, BCS – the Chartered Institute for IT – May 2011

“David will be handing over…after my visit today and I am sure that if his first-class systems are adopted, this Centre will continue to move forwards. I would like to record my thanks and appreciation for David’s hard work in the past and wish him well in his future career. Congratulations on another first-class Audit and a resultant Grade A.” Extract from BCS Test Centre Annual Audit Report 2010

“I have always found him an honest and reliable person. David worked for us firstly as a senior Project Worker under our Learning Services providers. He had special responsibilities in the field of Information Technology and was instrumental in getting many of our members through their IT qualifications. His work was always first class as was his attendance and willingness to take on new tasks.” BFAWU (Bakers Union) General Secretary – June 2010

“May I thank you for the excellent work you have done for the Learning Services and the union during your engagement with the Learning Services and you can be proud of the work you have done.” BFAWU (Bakers Union) General Secretary – April 2010

“…has very good quality controls…” Extract from BCS Test Centre Annual Audit Report 2009

“…has good quality controls…there appears to be no problems with quality. David is to be congratulated on his organisation…” Extract from BCS Test Centre Annual Audit Report 2008

“All aspects of the operation of this centre which I was able to assess were carried out to the highest standard.” Extract from BCS Test Centre Annual Audit Report 2007

“Once again, I am very pleased to report that David manages this Centre in an exemplary manner. He is frequently visited as a model of best practice (by, eg, Fujitsu and Sainsbury’s) on the recommendation of the TUC and the Unions. I have absolutely no hesitation in awarding another Grade A.” Extract from BCS Test Centre Annual Audit Report 2006

“…successfully engaged learners from the range of British Bakeries staff and has also overseen the expansion of the centre for use by ‘friends and family’. It is continuing to broaden access to other companies, unions and the general community. The interest the Plymouth project has generated within British Bakeries at national level has encouraged the formation of a national steering group for workplace learning centres. …continues to set standards and inspire centres outside British Bakeries with other unions seeking advice prior to developing similar facilities.” Extract from TUC South West – Unionlearn Projects Report – December 2005

“This Centre is expertly managed by Dave Massey who has devised some excellent administrative systems. He has carried out the majority of the marking to a high standard… This has been a most pleasing Audit. Very many congratulations on a well-deserved Grade A.” Extract from BCS Test Centre Annual Audit Report 2005

“Thanks for sending me a copy of your latest newsletter. I think it is excellent – very informative and interesting to read.” Colleague – August 2005

“Achievements at Plymouth during this period have been cited as being instrumental in the signing of a national service level agreement for BFAWU learning centre development across British Bakeries sites.” Extract from TUC South West – Unionlearn Projects Report – June 2004

“This course has progressed naturally from what I was doing last term. The tutor has been very helpful and explained things well.” Learner – 2004

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