Totnes Healthy Futures Project Community Garden

Whilst I was visiting Totnes recently I visited the Totnes Healthy Futures Project Community Garden located in Lamb Garden between Cistern Street and Leechwell Street.  The project and garden was created originally with an aim to help people with mental and phyiscal disabilities and difficulties.  The garden is maintained by volunteers and was funded by aContinue reading “Totnes Healthy Futures Project Community Garden”

Raised Vegetable Bed – the VegTrug

This blog post article discusses planning and introducing a raised vegetable bed to the garden.  I have been planning to add a raised vegetable bed to the garden for sometime now, but never had time to get around to doing this garden project as yet. After considering the many possibilities, including making my own and visiting a selection of gardenContinue reading “Raised Vegetable Bed – the VegTrug”